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guelph auto repair faqs

  1. Can you provide service for our import auto?

  2. Yes. We have regular customers who drive European, Japanese and Korean models.
  3. How often should I get my oil changed? My car is five years old - 100,000 KMs

  4. We suggest every 3 months or 5ooo km whichever comes first, whether the car is old or new. It is usually the manufacturer's suggested interval. Don't forget that oil is the lifeblood of your cars engine!
  5. How quickly can you do an oil change?

  6. Generally 1/2 hour.
  7. How long would I have to leave my car with you to have a service?

  8. We prefer the vehicle is here at least 1/2 day depending on the service.
  9. Can you pick me up when my car is ready?

  10. Yes pick-up and drop-off is available.
  11. I have radials on my car. Do I need snow tires as well?

  12. We do recommend snow tires. While all season-radials may offer good traction in many weather conditions, there is no substitute for well-maintained snow tires.
  13. Do you sell tires?

  14. Yes we do. Most popular brands in fact.
  15. My five-year-old car came with rust-proofing. Will I need to do it again at some point?

  16. Oil spraying is recommended once a year in the fall. Doing the oiling every year will keep the protection level at its maximum efficiency for total protection.
  17. How long should a car battery last?

  18. Car batteries should last 5 years or more.
  19. Do you sell batteries?

  20. Yes, we sell Interstate Batteries. We feel they are a superior battery with a very good warranty that is recognized in Canada and the US.


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